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Dress to sell

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the buyers first impression is the only impression”

Sales and Re-Sales styling is a simple and very effective way for you who want to sell your property quickly and for the asking price.

We will dress up your property so it stands out on the market and is appealing to the highest number of pontential buyers.

A styled & furnished property help the viewers to visualize themselves living in the property.

A Furniture Package will be customized to the specific property to bring the most out of the space giving the property a cozy and stylish atmosphere.



  • Your property will sell faster - styled homes spend, on average, half the time on the market than non-styled homes.

  • Average styling investment is around 3% of the home´s asking price. Generally styled homes sell over 8% above asking price.

  • 90% of the buyers search online first and with a styled home your online photos will stand out.

  • Buyers spend 2 seconds on a property without appealing photos and 20 seconds on the ones with great photos.

  • 77% of buyers´ agents said that interior styling made it eaiser for the buyers to visualise the property as their future home.

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Help the buyers to visualise their new home

A property styling involves a full interior styling, in order to show the property´s maximum pontential for the buyers. Due to a competiveitve

market interior stying is nessary in selling a property -  you are simply helping the buyers to visualise their new home.


  • 94 % of the Estate Agents and 100 % of the developers comfirm that a styled home increased their number of viewings on a property

  • 86 % agree that a styled home sells faster than a non-styled home

  • 83 % saw an increase in the offer value of a styled property

  • 77 % got a return of investment due to interior styling

  • 75 % of homebuyers spend more time on viewing a styled property

  • 66 % think interior styling should begin from the outset of marketing / sales


dress to sell”

Contact us for more details regarding furnishing of your property

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